What is a domain

Simply put, what is a domain and why is it needed

Domain name or domain is the name of the site. You enter it into the address bar of your browser when you want to visit the site.

The address bar looks like this:

Anything after “http: //” is a domain. In our example, the domain is “”.

Domain names were invented to make it easier to find sites on the Internet. A domain or domain name is an alphabetic, numeric, or alphanumeric designation that is a necessary element of the site address used on the Internet. A site domain is a unique name that can be used to access a web resource. The domain is easier to remember and use, and the site is accessible to it even if the hosting has changed. A domain is a unique alphanumeric designation that is a necessary element of an Internet address.

In other words, domain is the name of the site.


Domain (domain name, domain address) – “name” of the site. A site is the web pages that are displayed on the Internet, that is, content. And the site’s domain is its unique “address”. If your site doesn’t have a domain, users simply won’t be able to find it.

So, we figured out what a domain is.


How a domain differs from hosting

Hosting is where your website files are stored. And domain is the name of the site. To make your site work and make it easier for people to log into it, you need both a domain and hosting.

Imagine that the site has a collection of paintings. Then hosting is the house where the paintings are located, and the domain is the address where this house can be found.

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