What is hosting? Why do you need hosting?

What is hosting?

Hosting is a service for providing resources for placing information on a server that constantly has access to the network. Database hosting, file hosting, email host, DNS services can be provided separately as separate services, or be part of a comprehensive service. Host is a paid service. This includes the rental of server space and capacity.

The job of these companies is to ensure that your site is available to users around the clock. Hosting can be done on your home computer, but then you need to keep it turned on around the clock and independently monitor the load and power outages.


We did a good job with that. Go ahead, continue. What is hosting?

Why do you need hosting

  Hosting is required for round-the-clock storage of files from the site, managing these files and changing their properties. For this, hosting providers install special equipment – control panels. It will be impossible to briefly describe all the host functions, but here are the main ones:

1. For email;
2. For site;
3. For safety certificate;
4. For the application.


1) The hosting will store letters and mail settings: spam filter parameters, automatic replies, forwarding rules, contacts.

2) Host stores files from the site and manages them. In the control panel, the administrator downloads and deletes files, changes the appearance of the site, monitors its effectiveness.

3) If you are going to install an SSL certificate on a website, you need a hosting space. The certificate files and its settings will be stored there. The certificate encrypts contact forms on the site so that fraudsters cannot use users’ personal data.

4) The application requires hosting to store application files, 24/7 network connectivity, and store user information.

Hosting types

Most often, host is bought for websites. Each site requires a different amount of resources, so there are different types of host. They differ in memory size, functionality and pre-installed software. There are five main types of host:

Shared host – for a business card site, promo page and a small online store.

A virtual server is a type of hosting in which a physical server is divided into several independent parts and rented separately. One physical server can have several dozen virtual servers. Suitable for an online store, forum, corporate website.

Dedicated Server – For a large online store, social network, popular portal.

Cloud host – for resources on which the load changes: one day 3 thousand visitors, the next – 100.

Colocation Center

For large projects that require multiple dedicated servers.

Top 10 web hosting:

hosting platform:

1.Hosting CloudWays (cloudways.com) is a cloud host company that offers you a simple hosting environment so you can focus on your web application development and business, meaning the company takes over all the host work. They claim to be a one-stop platform where everything is available to suit your application hosting needs and ease of use.

hosting platform:

2. Hosting Fozzy (fozzy.com) very convenient site navigation. All important information is displayed on the main pages of the service. The technical specifications for all types of host are also very well described.
– fast servers, very fast, for projects of different difficulty levels;
– Convenient familiar control panel for virtual host;
– quick response of technical support;
– willingly go to cooperation even in difficult cases, help to set up hosting for themselves.

hosting platform:

3. Hosting FastComet (fastcomet.com) is an SSD-based cloud host provider that combines low prices and additional features like Cloudflare CDN caching and free daily backups. It offers shared and dedicated host as well as cloud VPS hosting across its entire global network. It’s a pretty good choice for beginners as it is easy to get started with and provides all the basic functionality you need through a nice interface.

hosting platform:

4. Hosting GoDaddy (godaddy.com) is one of the world’s largest domain name registrars. The scale of the company is, of course, absolutely gigantic – about 12 million customers worldwide, and GoDaddy owns about 58 million domain names. The company has thousands of employees and GoDaddy has offices in many countries. One of GoDaddy’s greatest strengths is brand awareness, which guarantees a high quality service. But the positive qualities of host are not limited to this. Among the benefits of GoDaddy, we note:

– 24/7 technical support.
– Built-in website builder.
– A wide range of plans, including special deals for WordPress sites.
– Unlimited bandwidth on all types of host.
– Excellent performance.
– A wide network of servers around the world.
– Using CDN technology to increase the speed of content delivery.

hosting platform:

5. Hosting Bluehost (bluehost.com) is a large host platform that supports over 2 million domains. Officially recommended by WordPress developers as a host for launching sites based on this popular CMS. The Bluehost data center is located in the United States, however, through the use of partner infrastructure and a CDN network, host is showing excellent performance in all regions of the world.

hosting platform:

6. Hosting HostMonster (hostmonster.com) is one of the hosters in a group of companies that also includes BlueHost, FastDomain and Just Host. This is a purely American host that only US employees work. The company provides classic unlimited hosting and guarantees a money back if something goes wrong. Be careful, this hoster has much lower prices for the services of the first one, since the cost of renewal for subsequent years.

Benefits of using Bluehost host:

– Has official recommendation from major developers like WordPress.org, WooCommerce plugin, etc.
– A variable tariff scale is available, allowing you to choose the optimal package of services.
– Prompt technical support available around the clock by phone and via chat.
– Free domain and SSL certificate.
– Own website builder for all plans.
– Free CDN access for high performance in different regions.
– Excellent server performance.
– The best ratio of price, quality and features.

hosting platform:

7.Hosting Fornex (fornex.com) is a host that Russian Internet companies love very much (Admitad, Pikabu, Lety Shops, BIG Picture, etc.). This is due to the registration of the hoster in the jurisdiction of Spain and the high reliability of the provider. Fornex servers are located in 5 locations: Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland.

Fornex.com is a large European hosting platform with Russian and Ukrainian roots, which has been on the market for over 10 years. The company’s data centers and servers are located in different parts of the world, including Russia, Ukraine, Germany, the Netherlands, the United States and Switzerland.

The supplier provides high-quality services, offers a wide range of products for various purposes, and its equipment meets all safety and speed standards. Therefore, hosting is chosen by many large Runet projects.

hosting platform:

8. Hosting AdminVPS (adminvps.ru) has been in the host market for over 7 years. The main service is the rental of VPS and VDS servers, but also virtual hosting and physical servers are provided. The main feature of AdminVPS is complete free server administration at all VPS / VDS tariffs, which is very rare for providers.

High uptime and positive user reviews speak about the reliability of the hoster. The technical support is fast and competent.

hosting platform:

9. Hosting ProfitServer (profitserver.ru) hosting company provides services of virtual hosting, VDS, lease of a dedicated server based on its own equipment. The prices will pleasantly delight beginners who are just starting to work with their own website, as the rates are attractive and provide server administration, control panel, CMS installation in one click.

hosting platform:

10. Hosting King Server (king-servers.com) company was founded in 2008, from the first days of work to the present day. The type of activity has not changed – these are high-quality hosting services.

King Servers server locations: Europe, USA, Russia

– Discounts when paying for the year
– Gifts upon purchase of CMS
– Site migration for free
– 24/7 support
– Antiddos
– Free domains
– Free SSL Certificate
– Backup
– Installing CMS in 1 click

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