How does website hosting work?

When you decide to launch a new website, you need to find a hosting company that will provide you with resources on the server. Your hosting provider stores all your files, resources, and databases on a server. When someone enters your domain name into their browser’s address bar, your host transfers all the files it needs to serve the request.

You need to select the hosting plan that best suits your needs and purchase it. In fact, web hosting works in a similar way to renting a home: you need to pay rent regularly to keep your site running.

Site management.

In fact, you don’t even need any programming knowledge to perform common site management tasks. Hosting accounts have a graphical user interface where you can manage all of your site’s settings. For example, you can upload HTML and other files to a server, install content management systems like WordPress, access your database, and create backups (backups) for your site.

When your site starts growing and you need more resources on the server, you can switch to a different service plan to keep the site running smoothly.

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