Promotion youtube video free without markups

Promotion youtube video free

Promotion youtube video is a very popular trend in today’s business world. Аrt and many other areas, as it allows you to become more popular than your “competitors”. But most businessmen and creative individuals perceive this process solely in terms of “buying” views, likes, subscribers, etc. Fortunately, real efficiency lies not only in quantitative indicators, it is not difficult to verify this – enter any search query on YouTube, and you will see that the TOP positions will not contain those videos with the highest quantitative indicators, but those who are “worthy” to occupy these positions. The purpose of this article is to understand how you can take key positions in search engines and attract the target audience without using an advertising budget at all.

90% of your success depends on the right settings, if this topic is close to you, then you have come to the right place!

This article will be divided into two parts: the first – for those who are too lazy to read. In it we will describe the steps necessary to raise the video in the YouTube search – these actions are from the “take and do” series. And the second part of the article will be devoted to the analysis of the reasons why these actions lead to the desired results.

Promotion youtube video free without markups

So let’s go – “Dry squeeze” facts about free YouTube video promotion:

0. Choose the main keyword for your video – this is the search phrase that, in your opinion, YOUR target audience will most often enter in search engines;
1. The NAME of the FILE that you upload to your channel should be YOUR KEY REQUEST, for example, “Chinese products.mp4”. The name should be short – maximum 2-3 words from the keyword;
2. The VIDEO TITLE that you specify in the settings must begin with a KEY Query, for example, “Chinese products – how to find a good manufacturer” (in the event that this ” Chinese products”);
3. The TITLE of the VIDEO should reflect the content of the video – no abbreviations, omissions, abbreviations or extra words (if the video is about elephants, then its title should also contain information about elephants and the word “elephants” itself);
4. IN THE TITLE OF THE VIDEO, at least once, you need to repeat YOUR KEY REQUEST in different cases / declensions / contexts, for example, “Chinese products – choose the best supplier of Chinese products”;
5. DESCRIPTION OF THE VIDEO must be written in such a way as to use ALL THE NECESSARY NUMBER OF CHARACTERS, i.e. if YouTube allows you to enter 1500 characters, then you need to use them to the maximum, and not be limited to a couple of sentences (this is necessary so that you can fit all the main key entries in the description at least 1-3 times each);
6. DESCRIPTION OF THE VIDEO must begin with a key query, in the same way as the title of the video (in the event that this “Chinese products” was chosen as a key query, then the description should start with “Chinese products”);
7. The VIDEO DESCRIPTION should repeat the MAIN KEY REQUEST at least 3-5 times in different cases/declensions/contexts (for example, one occurrence at the beginning of the description, one in the middle and one at the end);

8. The first 160 characters of the VIDEO DESCRIPTION must contain:


  • The gist of the video is very concise;
  • A link to your website with a call to action, for example, “read more on our website ” (the link must start with “http://” or “https://”).

9. At the end of the VIDEO DESCRIPTION, you should place a link to your channel, as well as a link to another recommended video from your channel (this will increase the number of cross-links if you have a lot of videos);
10. VIDEO DESCRIPTION must contain unique text that is not found anywhere on the Internet – use the services of copywriters or write yourself – it is always better than stolen content;
11. SEARCH TAGS must be 100% filled – use the number of tags that the system will allow (the maximum number depends on their length)
12. ** This item is not relevant due to changes in the analytics system**;

13. SEARCH TAGS should be listed as follows:


  • The first tag is your KEY REQUEST;
  • If any of the tags contains several words, then each of the words should be added as a separate tag, for example, if your key query is “Chinese products” then you need to create two additional tags in addition to it: “products” and ” China”;
  • Among the tags there should be those that are at least approximately related to the topic of the video, for example, if your KEY TAG is “deliveries of goods from China”, then you can use “wholesale deliveries” as an additional one.

14. DESCRIPTION OF THE CHANNEL on which you post the video should begin with a KEY REQUEST that clearly defines the type of your activity, for example, “Supplies of goods from China in bulk “;
15. CHANNEL DESCRIPTION should contain all KEY REQUESTS that are related to your niche. The list of such requests should be compiled from the list of KEY REQUESTS, which you use in the titles of your videos;


These 15 rules are strictly binding, because. taking into account the whole list, you will get a very high result that you will definitely like!


There are additional recommendations that will enhance the effect and somewhat simplify further promotion youtube video:

16. In the CHANNEL settings, you need to set search tags that are added to all uploaded videos by default – this will save you time in the future. You need to list only those tags that relate to your activity, and all additional tags need to be added for each video according to – separating;
17. In the CHANNEL settings, you need to make a description of the videos, which will be added to each new video automatically – it must contain a link to your channel and a link to the site;
18. For each video you upload to your channel, create a unique cover to use instead of the one suggested by the automaton. Basic requirements for the cover:

  • It should be bright (but without the use of “caustic” colors);
  • It should contain the essence of the video in text format, for example, “How to find a good manufacturer of goods in China”;
  • The image used as a background must be unique and not stolen from somewhere on the Internet;
  • Image size at least 640×360 pixels;
  • Image aspect ratio 16:9.

19. At the end of the video, you need to use calls to action so as not to lose the attention of the audience:

  • Use annotations like “Subscribe to our channel”;
  • Use annotations that lead the viewer to the next video from your channel (as vloggers often do);
  • Use the graphic annotations that you place in the video itself, and overlay the annotation buttons on top, moreover, with 100% transparency (so as not to overlap the button image) – this is useful for promoting other videos from your channel, because. after viewing, the user can go to the channel of your competitors (the hints on which will be on the right).

20. Make video announcements that “motivate” subscribers to wait for the next post – this way you teach them to expect news. These annotations should be removed immediately after the next video is released so as not to clutter up the gallery;


Let us briefly analyze the reasons why it is necessary to do exactly as described above. Surely, you will have the question “Why do I need this, I’m already the smartest”!

The answer is very simple: there are a lot of criteria by which YouTube determines the position of a video – not all of them made it into the top 20 points!


First of all, you should understand that the page on which your video is displayed is, first of all, a regular HTML page, for which all the same criteria for determining popularity are applied that are relevant for regular sites. For this reason, the use of the main KEY REQUEST as the beginning of the video title, as the beginning of the description block and as the name of the original file of the video , determines the fact that this key phrase will be repeated several times in the source code of the page on which the video is located. Moreover, the KEY REQUEST will not just be repeated many times, but will be used in the page code in the “correct” form – each code block will contain a unique context of the key phrase used (this is the reason why you should use different cases, etc.).

The search tags entered in the settings determine the list of videos, in the tips of which your video will be displayed. The more accurately you select tags, the more the target audience will see your video in tips.

IMPORTANT! To advance through the YouTube suggestion system, you need to analyze your competitors’ videos: the more tags you match, the more likely it is that your video will appear in their suggestions!

Let’s get back to the beloved QUANTITATIVE INDICATORS:

21. The number of views that most YouTube users are chasing, oddly enough, to a lesser extent affects the video display position in the search – this applies to both the YouTube search engine itself and other search engines (for example, ). What is the effect of this value?
– NUMBER OF VIEWS determines the position in the search among videos that are practically the same in all other parameters. For example, if two videos are perfectly tuned for all twenty points, then YouTube will rank the one with the most views higher.
– NUMBER OF VIEWS determines the degree of trust in the information presented in the video due to the importance of the number of views for the viewer
– NUMBER OF VIEWS determines the speed of raising the video to the TOP positions of YouTube, but only if other key parameters are met

22. Let’s dissect a few myths about likes, dislikes and followers:
– THE NUMBER OF LIKES does not affect the position of the video in YouTube search results for key queries, it only needs to be increased to maintain natural proportions when boosting views and comments
– The number of DISLIKS is not a key parameter for the drop in positions in the search results, i.e. if your video is below the competition, then it is less related to dislikes. Most likely the reason for the fall is due to other factors (for example, retention on views)
– NUMBER OF SUBSCRIBERS on the channel – determines the degree of coverage, but not the position of the video in the search results. It is, of course, taken into account, but only as an “ingredient”, and not as a key parameter.
– The number of SUBSCRIBERS determines the position of the channel itself in the search results to a greater extent, but not the position of the videos that are on this channel. When promoting a video on YouTube, you need to clearly realize that the promotion of the channel and the promotion of individual videos are two different things.

23. RETENTION of viewers is the length of time that a viewer spends watching a video. This parameter is indeed one of the key parameters in determining positions in search results. The longer your video is watched by the average viewer, the more worthy of it will consider YouTube to display in the first positions of the search engine. By the way, other search engines also “consider” this parameter as one of the most significant!

24. And now, since we are talking about quantitative indicators, the most important of them is not the number of views, likes and other nonsense, but the number of occurrences of keywords in the title and description of the video. Fortunately, this indicator can be “wind up” (added to the description and title of the video) for free! But be very careful:


  • do not add more than 1-3 occurrences of low-frequency queries;
  • do not add more than 2-4 occurrences of mid-range queries;
  • do not add more than 4-6 occurrences of high-frequency query queries.

Remember: your main keyword should be the first occurrence in the video description and title!


Instead of an epilogue, we’ll give you a couple of final recommendations:


  • Shoot quality content and design it well: this is the most free method of video promotion;
  • Give your viewers only useful and interesting information, or start shooting humorous videos – this is always relevant;
  • Carefully make all the settings and constantly analyze your niche to select more effective keywords;
  • Follow recommendations № 0-20 100% of the time.

Use the services to “cheat” views, likes, comments very carefully, as it can harm. No matter how hard the services try to add a couple of million views to you, it is completely useless if you do not find it necessary to fill the Internet with interesting content!

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