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What is a site template (site theme)

A website template is an HTML-code with a ready-made design and layout for one web page or a combination of them, which is used to create a website. This is an option for users with no significant development experience, and is also suitable for experienced developers if they need a turnkey solution that makes it easier to build a website without having to write it from scratch. Web templates are used to create sites of any type. In its simplest sense, a web template acts like a blank document. Web templates can be used by any person or organization to create their website.

Templates can be used for:

– Displays personal information or daily blog activity.
– Selling goods online.
– Displays information about a company or organization.
– Photo gallery display.
– Online placement of music files (eg Mp3) for playback via a web browser.
– Placing videos online.
– To configure the entry zone for the private part of the site.

Simply put, a theme (template) is a set of files that are responsible for the appearance of your blog in the browser, its look and feel. These files provide the browser with information on how, where to display information and how to display it. A theme (template) is a suit or clothing for your blog. The idea is that you can easily change these clothes (i.e. the look of the blog), but they remain in working order. Template is a narrower concept. A template is those files in a theme that form the output of information as needed. For example, a template for displaying blog posts, a template for displaying pages, a template for displaying titles, etc.

Why is it convenient?

You can update your theme or version independently of each other without any problem. It is very convenient and fast. Themes can be changed through the main menu of the control panel “Appearance – Themes”:

The main idea of their use is to separate the system (service) files and files responsible for the presentation and appearance of the blog.

Thus, they work independently of each other.

Templates (Themes) for sites with excellent functionality

Today it is absolutely impossible to imagine the modern online world without templates for creating websites. A template is the foundation of a web project.

The templates are designed in such a way that they allow, if necessary, to change the structure or completely design the site at any time, according to the mood or in accordance with the subject of the resource. It is a fast, reliable and fast process.

WordPress themes are unmatched

So, WordPress templates are ready-made layouts for the most popular content management system used for blogging, news sites, and e-commerce projects. These templates can be used to create a web project from scratch or update an existing one. WordPress themes boast a set of powerful widgets that are easy to use. The preview function allows you to see the changes made in real time. Anything that you change, you can save and leave on your site!

Choose WP templates and make your business even more efficient. Design your websites from templates to keep your business ahead of the competition!



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