Website builder. What is a website builder?

What is a website builder?

Website builder is software for creating websites in a visual editor without any special programming knowledge.

A website builder is a software-implemented complex system for creating web pages without knowledge of programming languages. This is usually a standalone service, but it can also be provided as an add-on service by hosting companies.

It is possible to create sites, both using content management systems (CMS).

TOP best website builders
  1. uCoz – top universal constructor (;
  2. uKit is the best business website builder (;
  3. Wix – a service for creative people (;
  4. Joomla – CMS takes a leading position in the ranking (;
  5. Drupal – is a flexible CMS at the heart of many sites (;
  6. WordPress – is the world’s # 1 free platform (;
  7. Ucraft – is a modern service for beginners (;
  8. Webasyst – is a marketplace for professionals (;
  9. SITE123 – is a western product at our price (;
  10. Nethouse – event space builder (;
  11. 1C-UMI – author’s designer from “1C” (;
  12. Weblium – is a convenient service for beginners (
Premium best website builders (recommend)
  • uKit – The best business website builder, affordable and effective;
  • uCoz – The most powerful, versatile builder for power users;
  • Wix – Service with the best visual editor and unique branded tools;
  • Drupal – is a content management system with almost unlimited possibilities;
  • Joomla –  is an open source, versatile content management system;
  • WordPress – World leader among CMS. Free, convenient, flexible. Suitable for everyone.


– intuitive process of website creation;
– separation of design and content, as a result, a quick change in appearance;
– edit the site without any special programming knowledge;
– clear interface;
– multifunctionality;
– reliable security system;
– constant technical support;
– convenient control;
– ready-to-use manuals;
– support for mobile devices.

Website builder is software that allows you to create websites on the Internet. Website builder is a handy tool to create websites for free web pages, online stores without knowledge of programming languages.

The website builder allows you to create a full-fledged work resource for various tasks as quickly as possible, without the help of developers, depending on your needs and wishes.

Thanks to this service, you can get a ready-made website for further work with it in a matter of minutes. Creating your own resource using the constructor is a modern and practical solution that minimizes time and material costs.

Website builder
Website builder

The most popular website builder is “WordPress” in my experience.

On any hosting, WordPress can be installed in one click.

In short, Website Builder is a dedicated service that allows you to create websites without knowing any programming languages.

This tool can be compared to a children’s construction set. A child from different toys can build a tower, a house, a car.

This is exactly how website builders work: there are ready-made blocks for which you can change properties and appearance. You combine them and build a portal from them.

The site will be created according to predefined templates. You will be able to fill the pages with content, but the constructor takes over the lion’s share of the creative process.

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