Website from scratch

Create a website from scratch

It will actually be very easy!

To create a website:
– buy hosting;
– register a domain name;
– install CMS;
– choice of a theme;
– Install plugins;
– creating pages;
– filling with information;
– Connect SSL certificate.

Self-creation of sites without anyone’s help

In short, you don’t need to be a designer to create a website. Take the opportunity of a professional designer, that is, a website builder. Create your own website – the one you want! Choose from hundreds of templates and design your website today – no coding required!

Building a website from scratch is a very complicated process, but thanks to the website builder, you can create your own website in just a few minutes.

And as soon as you get the first visitors, connect an affiliate program, that is, advertising, to monetize the site.

Ways to make money on your own website

Monetization is about generating income from your own internet website. There are many ways to make money on the site. Moreover, new ways of monetization regularly appear, because the Internet is constantly evolving. Most of the income the owner gets from advertising or user actions.

contextual advertising

This method is a prestigious form of online earnings. The resource owner places ad units on the site. Users clicking on the blocks bring profit to the site owner. The cost of each click depends on the topic and volume of traffic.

Building a website may seem daunting to you at first, but it’s really not that hard. Most importantly, try it and get started.

Come up with an idea for a website. Any job or profession will seem difficult for the first time.

Good luck to all!!!

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